Welcome to Xeelenja
at Consciente Tulum


4 bedrooms | Total Area: 413m² / 4,443.88 sqft

Tulum, Quintana Roo, México

Experience luxury at Xeelenja, where the name means sea breeze, embodying Caribbean air’s gentle touch. This architectural masterpiece, inspired by nature, features mirrored pools for sunlight protection and eco-conscious living. Preserved trees provide shade, enhance energy efficiency, and lower heat and sound. Built from local materials like Mayan stone and precious woods, Xeelenja maintains a sustainable footprint.

Clean, minimalist design ensures unrivaled comfort. Enjoy 360-degree jungle views from the rooftop, and savor captivating sunsets by the pool. As part of Tulum’s shared living community, Xeelenja promotes conscious living and a deep connection with nature. Private cenotes, beach clubs, meditation gardens, and more are crafted for your well-being. Find tranquility from dusk till dawn and heal your mind, body, and spirit.


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Local comercial en avenida Itzamná, lote 90, mza. 12, Aldea Zama, 77780, Tulum, Q.R. Tulum, Quintana Roo

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